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Research shows that exercise is safe during cancer treatment and can combat common cancer-related side effects such as cancer-related fatigue, unwanted weight changes, low energy levels, and loss of strength. Physical activity can also play an important role in the prevention of recurrence of cancer in survivors. The American Cancer Society Guidelines recommend cancer patients and survivors aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week and strength training exercises 2 times a week. 

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Wellness Programs

The Ridley-Tree Cancer Center offers a variety of wellness programs to support patients from diagnosis, through treatment and life after treatment. Most programs are offered free-of-charge. For information regarding eligibility and upcoming dates, please see Cancer Center Calendar or call (805) 879-5678.


LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is a 12-week, small group program for cancer survivors looking to bridge the period between completing treatment and developing a fitness program as part of recovery.

Offered free-of-charge to cancer survivors who have completed treatment. This program is available at Santa Barbara, Montecito, Lompoc, and Santa Ynez YMCA locations. For upcoming dates and information on how to register, see the Cancer Center Calendar.

Well-fit Exercise Program
The Cancer Well-fit™ Exercise Program at the Santa Barbara Athletic Club is designed for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer in the past nine months and needs a boost getting back into shape. This 10 week program enables individuals to regain muscle mass and strength, improve endurance and increase flexibility. Participants will work with trainers in a small group setting to develop a personalized fitness routine.

For information or to register, please contact Paula Lilly at (805) 966-6147 ext. 262.

The Cancer Center offers two yoga classes. Yoga for Strength and Empowerment is focused on relieving muscle tension, increasing flexibility and total body conditioning. Gentle Therapeutic Yoga for Health & Healing is a restorative, relaxing practice that features a flowing sequence of supported yoga postures, breathwork, and guided imagery. Both classes are appropriate for all levels; no prior yoga experience is needed. Also helpful for long-time practitioners who are looking to modify their practice.

Schedule: For upcoming dates and times, see the Cancer Center calendar.
Location: Ridley-Tree Cancer Center, 540 West Pueblo Street, 2nd floor Multipurpose Room

Exercise and Treatment Video

Resources provided by the Cancer Resource Library are for informational purposes only. The information in these materials may or may not apply to your specific condition, and should not be construed as medical advice. We strongly encourage you to consult your healthcare provider to review anything you learn through these resources.

Ridley-Tree Cancer Center provides comprehensive cancer treatment and support programs for patients and families. We are recognized for medical excellence, a strong clinical research program, and a multidisciplinary approach to cancer prevention.

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