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COVID-19 UPDATE - July 19, 2021

The Henley Resource Library is now open to visitors! The health and safety of our patients and community continue to be our top priority. Hours and services may be limited as we gradually reopen. We’ve implemented new policies and procedures to prioritize visitor safety while allowing access to Library resources. 

At this time, the Resource Library is open only to patients and caregivers who are at the Cancer Center for scheduled appointments. We hope to be able to welcome community members and other visitors later this summer.  Please visit the Resource Library website for more information on services and safety guidelines.

For information regarding COVID-19, we recommend the following websites. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of misinformation being shared especially through social media. For your health and safety, please seek information from reliable sources only. Information regarding COVID-19 is rapidly evolving and these websites are being updated continuously.

Santa Barbara County Public Health Department

California Department of Public Health

Centers for Disease Control

World Health Organization


COVID-19 information for cancer patients

Cancer.Net: Coronavirus 2019: What People With Cancer Need to Know

Cancer.Net: Coronavirus 2019: Qué deben saber las personas con cáncer


At Ridley-Tree Cancer Center, we aim to empower anyone touched by cancer with the information they need to become well-informed partners in their healthcare. The Cancer Resource Library's InfoGuides are customized online research guides featuring library resources, links to helpful websites, and information about Supportive Care Programs at Ridley-Tree Cancer Center. All content in the InfoGuides has been reviewed by the Cancer Librarians of the Medical Library Association and/or by the Library Manager at the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center. Our selection criteria include: credibility, content, currency, authorship, purpose, and audience.

The Ridley-Tree Cancer Center created InfoGuides as a source of information and research, not a replacement for medical care. Please consult your healthcare provider to review any information gathered from InfoGuides.

Program Manager - Educational Programming & Resource Library

New at the Cancer Resource Library

The Breakthrough: Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer

For decades, scientists have puzzled over one of medicine's most confounding mysteries: Why doesn't our immune system recognize and fight cancer the way it does other diseases, like the common cold? As it turns out, the answer to that question can be traced to a series of tricks that cancer has developed to turn off normal immune responses-tricks that scientists have only recently discovered and learned to defeat. Groundbreaking and riveting,The Breakthrough is the story of this game-changing scientific discovery as told through the experiences of the patients, physicians, and cancer immunotherapy researchers.

Navigating Lung Cancer 360 Degrees of Hope

Navigating Lung Cancer 360 Degrees of Hope is a comprehensive guidebook for surviving lung cancer. Inside each latest edition you will get up-to-date navigation tools on the diagnosis process, lung cancer staging, treatment options, clinical trials, living with lung cancer, financing your care, hope for surviving lung cancer, and more. Written by survivor Bonnie J. Addario and the leading experts in lung cancer with one goal: to turn lung cancer into a manageable and survival disease.

Androgen Deprivation Therapy

This is a comprehensive workbook for prostate cancer patients and their loved ones, filled with practical advice from experts in the field. The book covers a wealth of strategies to help men cope with ADT and maintain a good quality of life while on this treatment. It is not only an informational manual, but a guide for both patients and partners about ways to make changes in their own lives that can keep them healthy and positive when the patient is on ADT. 

Cancers of the Head and Neck: From Diagnosis to Treatment

William Lydiatt, M.D. and Perry Johnson, M.D., have worked with thousands of head and neck cancer patients. They understand the emotional turmoil patients and families go through after a cancer diagnosis, and they know that keeping patients informed relieves stress. Topics include getting a diagnosis and possible treatments, including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and experimental treatments through clinical trials.

Eat to Beat Disease: The New Science of How the Body Can Heal Itself

Pioneering physician scientist, Dr. William Li, explains the science of healing and prevention, the strategies for using food to actively transform health, and points the science of well-being and disease prevention in an exhilarating new direction. Eat to Beat Disease isn't about what foods to avoid, but rather is a guide to the hundreds of healing foods to add to your meals that support the body's defense systems. 

Healing with CBD: How Cannabidiol Can Transform Your Health Without the High

Drawing from years of patient experience, extensive scientific studies and the current product landscape, this guide provides everything you need to know about cannabidiol (CBD). The authors use their years of medical and writing experience to separate the CBD facts from fiction. Finding accurate information on the health benefits of CBD can be difficult, but this easy-to-understand book breaks down all the studies, rumors and medical information.

100 Questions and Answers about Kidney Cancer

Offering both doctor and patient perspectives, 100 Questions & Answers About Kidney Cancer, provides authoritative and practical answers to the most commonly asked questions by patients and their loved ones. What is kidney cancer? What causes kidney cancer? How is kidney cancer treated? Along with the answers to these and other questions, this book provides information on the different types of kidney cancer, signs and symptoms, treatment options, and more.

Exercises for Cancer Wellness

Exercises for Cancer Wellness is your guide to making positive life changes during and after cancer treatment, helping to lessen the risks of recurrence or relapse, while increasing your strength and energy. With a focus on gentle resistance exercises, flexibility, and cardiovascular activities, you will find yourself feeling better each day, as your strength increases and your fatigue decreases.

Prostate Cancer 20/20

Prostate Cancer 20/20 reviews treatment options in as impartial a means as is possible in order to empower the patient to be a participant in his therapeutic journey and enable him to choose the treatment that best suits him. Readers will learn about improvements in screening and diagnostic testing, imaging techniques, the development and refinement of genetic testing, numerous new medications, continued technical advances in surgical, radiation and focal therapies and the growing era of “active surveillance.” Prostate Cancer 20/20 provides in-depth information on the most common complications following treatment—sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence—conditions that can be successfully managed through a variety of means detailed within the book.


Guides by Tumor Type

Bladder Cancer

Brain Tumor

Breast Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Head and Neck Cancer

Kidney (Renal Cell) Cancer


Lung Cancer



Ovarian Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Skin Cancer

Thyroid Cancer

Uterine (Endometrial) Cancer


Other Topics

Advance Care Planning

Cancer Basics
Includes information on what cancer is, treatments, and clinical trials.


Cancer Related Cognitive Impairment ("Chemo Brain")

Complementary and Integrative Medicine
Includes information on herbs and dietary supplements; mind and body practices; evaluating health information; safety and scams.

Focuses on coping with the emotional aspects of living with cancer.

End of Life
Includes information on advance care planning, hospice care, and information for caregivers.

Evaluating Health Information


Grief and Loss

Hereditary Cancer & Genetics

Life After Treatment


Medical Cannabis

Oncology Nutrition

Physical Activity

Sexuality and Intimacy

Managing Side Effects
Information on coping with the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment such as fatigue, pain, appetite changes, and skin changes.

Stress Reduction

Supporting Children

Young Adults

Cancer Resource Library

The Cancer Resource Library offers a comfortable place where patients and families can find current, comprehensive information about all aspects of cancer. The Library is open to all and services are offered at no charge.

Research Assistance – Our staff are here to help answer your questions and provide personalized information searches.

Lending Library – We have an extensive collection of books, DVDs, and CDs on a variety of cancer-related topics available for checkout.

InfoGuides – Online guides are available for a variety of diagnoses and topics.

Brochures – Brochures and pamphlets are available free of charge.

Computer – Patients and caregivers are welcome to use the library’s computer during their time at the Cancer Center.

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Resources provided by the Cancer Resource Library are for informational purposes only. The information in these materials may or may not apply to your specific condition, and should not be construed as medical advice. We strongly encourage you to consult your healthcare provider to review anything you learn through these resources.

Ridley-Tree Cancer Center provides comprehensive cancer treatment and support programs for patients and families. We are recognized for medical excellence, a strong clinical research program, and a multidisciplinary approach to cancer prevention.

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